27 Jan

The latest hairstyle trend: half-up topknot

The latest hairstyle trend

Every little girl loves her hair. Every grown-up girl adores her hair as well. It makes you look more feminine and there is nothing else needed than a healthy, strong and shining hair, wide smile and a beautiful unique outfit. However, nothing in life is that easy and even the things we love sometimes disappoint us, so we can help but bother every time our hair has a period of nasty being and there is no way we can make it look nice. Bad hair day, bad hair week – yeah, they happen far more often then we want, but the big girls know that there always have to be a second plan and the bad hair cannot ruin your look, your mood, your day – just use it to make something beautiful. Read More

23 Jan

Mops: instructions for use or how to clean more efficiently with their help


Today millions of different cleaning products and tools can be found on the market. There is a great variety, there are too many commercials trying to convince you to buy a particular one. And indeed it is all about the choices you make – would you buy the cheaper one or that, which is more expensive? Do you need another cleaning tool or a new vacuum-cleaner? Do you need one all-purpose cleaning product or ten specialized ones, and what would be more effective? Questions, too many questions, you ask yourself in the supermarket, facing the shelves full of new things. But in fact what you should do is make an informed choice, which means that you have to make a little research first, you have to be aware of the differences of the things offered, you have to know which one would be the best for your situation and here we come to the main topic today – the mops. They are all popular and wide-spread and nowadays there are too many modifications, but you should know well at least the main ones.

Check out SYK Cleaning Company for more ideas. Read More

18 Jan

End of tenancy cleaning: the ceramic hobs

End of tenancy cleaning

If there’s something even more annoying and tiring than cleaning the oven after tenancy that is undoubtedly cleaning the ceramic hobs. You have heard so many times that if you clean them frequently, you will save yourself so many efforts, but, for God sake, you come back from work, exhausted and nervous, and you start preparing dinner, cooking a few meals, than arranging the table and washing the dishes. After this whole procedure, when you are dreaming of the coziness of the sofa, of the interesting new episode of the series you watch, of a cuddle with your beloved one, or some time with your kids, or when you are simply dreaming of your bed and a rest, you have to clean the ceramic hobs. Read More

10 Jan

Cleaning solutions that will save you money

Cleaning solutions that will save you money

Too often before even starting the spring cleaning or the end of tenancy one, we end up in front of the numerous shelves full of many different detergents and cleaning products and cleaning tools in the supermarkets. And we buy some, of course, because we want to believe that in this way we will be more motivated to clean. In fact the result is less money in our pockets and, well, the same efficiency. And there are some other simple solutions that will save you money. So try them and start spending your salary on shopping or on plane tickets, on road trips, on everything, but cleaning. Read More

23 Dec

How to get the discoloration out of carpet from your pets pee?


Okay, so I have been investigating on ways to do this and talk to a company near by SYK End of tenancy cleaning, as I will mention it below,  and have actually attempted lots of varying techniques but until now yet absolutely nothing has passed muster.

The cat pee was dried out, and I do not know how old it has actually been there, it was before I moved in that’s for certain, however I’ve acquired the scent out and my difficulty is the yellow color that I can’t seem to get to vanish. The paradox is that the area of the carpet with this color really smells much better than the remainder of my carpeting but merely looks terrible. Read More

30 Oct

Can you afford buying a house?

Can you afford buying a house

You have a serious job now – challenging and time-consuming, but well-paid as well. Your family is growing – the two little ones are not so little anymore and they need more space just like they need more attention. You are finally having a life of a grown-up. There are more responsibilities, more things to think of and to take into consideration. You are not so careless and wild and the uncertainty that was so attractive once, is a little bit scary now. You want no risks and no constant travels, you are seeking the calmness of a place you can call your home – now and for good – a place you will come back to, you will design with passion and desire, your kids will love indescribably and your soul will be at ease. Sitting on the couch and having a glass of wine (or a few) with your spouse you are again discussing the house buying question: when? Now? Are you ready? Where you want to live? Are you sure? Questions that need their answers first. But mostly the one that bothers you and keeps you awake all night: can you afford buying a house? And if there is a single thing you don’t like risking at all, this is the money on your bank account, your savings. So spending all of them, mortgaging and so on, is a little bit tricky. But how could you understand, how could you find out, could you afford it?  Read More

12 Oct

The All-Natural Cleaner we are desperately in love with

The AllNatural Cleaner we are desperately in love with

We like being able to choose. The shelves are full with products and the variety is great, so we go in the supermarket and stay there for too long, trying to find the best one. But are they good after all? Are they worth it? Aren’t they full of chemicals? Aren’t they bad for our health? What is more important our well-being or the well-being of our homes? So with so many doubts we end up going home either with too many detergents or with none. But the truth is that there is another simple solution – easy and effective – the all-natural cleaner, which we could make at home and which does miracles. Tested. Guaranteed.   Read More

14 Sep

Mugs, candles, pumpkins, blankets – prepare your home for a lovely autumn

Mugs, candles, pumpkins, blankets

The nights are longer, the days colder, the leaves are falling, the landscapes are breathtaking, the colour warm, the air cool.

There is nothing unexpected. It is one and the same every year and this kind of certainty is, what are seeking our never relaxed hearts. The winter might be unsnowy, the summer might be rainy and not that hot, but in the autumn the leaves would be falling, we will be back to school, back to normal. All in world is changing and this is the one change most constant. And now, we need to enjoy it. This season deserves our love and gratitude and our home, our shelter, has to become the loveliest one in the whole world. When the days are windy and the nights rainy outside, the moments are shared and so are the emotions inside.

But what you need for that time of the year, you may wonder. You need blankets and cushions at first place.

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01 Sep

Things You Need To Do When Going For A Cruise Voyage

Things You Need To Do When Going For A Cruise Voyage

A Cruise trip or cruise voyage is primarily a trip on a Cruise Ship done specifically for pleasure purposes as an opposition to trips made on ocean liners for transportation purposes only. Cruises are done from a starting point, through a specified route and usually back to the starting point which clearly defines its purpose. For those that love the sea life, its quality of air and the beauty of water bodies, Cruise trips are great leisure options for you. Just like every other recreational service, the need for money comes in as a prime factor to determine whether or not a cruise voyage is for you. We’ll now discuss more on those things you might want to consider when planning a Cruise voyage.

Well, as stated earlier, you need to be fully aware of the options, promotions and prices of the cruise variants available out there. Popular cruise types involve Alaskan cruise, European river cruises, Mediterranean cruises. All these cruises offer virtually the same kind of service although with a couple of modifications to suit their customers’ taste. As you could be lucky to have a cruise service provider nearby, some other people prefer travelling to other continents and countries to get a glimpse of what it looks like, cruising in other geographical locations. Many of these people are from the US and want to have a taste of European river cruises and possibly Mediterranean cruises too. For them, a factor needed to be considered is the availability of European vacation packages.

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24 Aug

Food, wine and la dolce vita

Food, wine and la dolce vita

Italy is simply a country. It is famous with its ancient history and many touristic sights, because, well, all roads lead to Rome. If you ask me about Italy, however, I won’t think of this aspect of it at all. And no, it doesn’t mean that I don’t like the Colosseo or the Fontana di Trevi, or the Leaning Tower of Piza, I adore them all. But Italy brings you so much more than photos with famous sights and tours on double-decker buses. Italy is not meant to be seen with a map in one hand and a camera in the other. Read More