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How to wash a leather jacket in the washing machine

How to wash a leather jacket in the washing machine

Image of woman with leather jacket

Woman with leather jacket

Leather clothes are favorite of many people. At least until the washing time comes and we do not start bumping our head to think how to do it better and how not to damage them.

Because it’s no secret that the leather has some peculiarities, both because of the matter itself and the processing processes it has undergone. So let’s see how it is right to wash a leather jacket.


To wash your leather jacket, you should first put two teaspoons of detergent in the washing machine. Then choose the lightest, delicate and short program and wash with cold water. You can put several pairs of black sports trousers and socks in the washing machine to act as a pillow for your jacket and protect it from spinning.

In addition, they will absorb some of the water and thus make laundry even easier. Washing a leather jacket is best not to last long. Six minutes is enough time. In addition, during the laundry, it is good to turn the jacket out.

After laundry

After laundry, make sure everything is okay. Click To Tweet

The jacket should be in an excellent condition (except, of course, that it will have been soaked). It’s normal if you think it’s a little bigger and more distracted. Once it has dried up, it should have come into place.


Drying can also be done in a dryer if you use it at home. In this case, you could turn the machine on to a low to

Image of man with leather jacket

Man with leather jacket

medium level to avoid unpleasant surprises. The jacket should be turned inside out while it is in the dryer and it is advisable to check it every 10 minutes to make sure it is still wet.

On air

Drying the leather jacket out of the fresh air is definitely a much better and recommended idea. You can hang it on the terrace or yard, but you must choose a place that is shady and no direct sunlight because the sun’s rays can damage it if it heats it too long.


It is very possible, in such a procedure, that the jacket will lose some of its luster. For this reason, it is advisable to wash only if this is absolutely necessary.

Another risk is that the jacket will stretch and become damaged if it is not properly washed and dried. Most experts recommend using the services of dry cleaners because this is the safest alternative for the leather jacket.

Some people, however, say that the leather jacket should not be washed in the washing machine but only by hand in order not to damage. And If have  your washing machine wont drain for sure it will be better to do it by hand.

If you are interested you can see some models of leather jackets here.


Furnishing of student lodging with minimum funds

Furnishing of student lodging with minimum funds

To make a student’s home comfortable and cozy, you do not have to spend hundreds of pounds. If you have them – well. If you do not have them – and without them you will get it. Here’s what we offer you – former students and current masters of all sorts of crap for the home.

Shelves – more shelves

Image of shelves


They are not expensive and you can mount them yourself on the wall. Even better, moving away from the lodgings you can remove them from one place and put them on the other. If the walls of your apartment are in neutral color buy your boards in different colors and different lengths. For example – yellow for books and textbooks; blue for dishes and glasses; green for souvenirs and small gifts; orange for packaged foods.

Do not have a kitchen? Take a corner for it, we’ll get back to the topic a little bit later. Do not worry that the shelves will get you a lot. Distribute them on the walls, they will definitely bring in the comfort of the room with their colors, and there will be places to arrange your belongings.

Improved kitchen

True, students do not cook much, but it is good to have somewhere to mix a soup, tea or stew. Click To TweetIf there is a large, high table in your room, push it into the corner of the kitchen. (It’s easier for you to have a coffee table.) Mount the shelves above it. From the market, you can get larger wicker basket to arrange at one end of the table. Keep them in fruits, vegetables, tea and coffee boxes. A jar will do a great job for the spoons, forks, knives.

From a tile store, buy a larger granite tile in whatever color you like. (If it is a sample, it will be cheaper.) Put it on the kitchen table and put the hotplate on it.

Stretch thin legs from foot to leg on the table. Buy a cheerful cloth for curtains – the best canvas. Sew hooks on pieces

Image of student


of cloth and surround them with space under the table. This will give you a great jar storage space that will not irritate your eyes.

Look around. Do you need anything else? Think about how you can do it by handy means. We are sure you will get well. And if you move in new house you will need post tenancy cleaning services, find professional help here



Why more and more people prefer online shopping

Why more and more people prefer online shopping

Online shopping is growing

Image of online shoppingAs social networks evolve today, online shopping is growing as well the online payday loans. Everywhere we are flooded with a bunch of ads on good shoes, clothes, phones, computers, and what not. I’m sure your mail is cluttered with letters about profitable online deals last-minute and catalogs of all sorts of products. Today you can even buy food online. You go to the supermarket website, complete the virtual basket and ready, within 1 hour the products are in front of your door.

The preferences

Everyone of course has their preferences about online shopping and vice versa. Click To Tweet

The preferences are different – some almost do not visit physical stores and shop online for food, clothing, home goods, gifts … Others have limited themselves to a particular set of products and prefer others to purchase physically or on the principle of “eye to see, hand to touch” . There are experts in online shopping that are constantly in the mood of everything going on in the internet trade – ordering techniques, tricks, sales. And not so experienced, who visit only a few selected places they are accustomed to, and every new site makes it difficult or difficult to make a decision to hit the Buy button.

“For” and “against” online shopping

Both, and others, have their own reasons and are right for themselves. You may find (on the internet, of course) endless discussions about “for” and “against” shopping online.

While some of them are related to the subjective sensation and attitude of the individual, there are also some objective factors. And what’s more objective than the money? Are we saving or spending more on site buying?

Much depends. But since no one wants to spend more, we suppose the question is, how does it matter and how do we go shopping cheaper and cheaper?

Do we save more by shopping online? Have you thought about it? If you want to know you can read this article.


Curious facts about the English language that will open your eyes

Curious facts about the English language that will open your eyes

Image of English


English is mandatory for anyone who wants to communicate with people outside of their family and neighborhood. Wherever it is called, if you live fully, it is not bad to be able to speak in English. Although it is popular, this language still has its own secrets, some of which we will uncover now. Read and remember:

  1. Billion people speak English. This is almost 1 in every 7 around the world.

2. The English words “I”, “we” and “three” are among the most ancient.

3. The longest English word without vowels is “rhythms”.

4. A new English word is being invented every 98 minutes.

5. 89% of people in Sweden speak English.

6. The word “bride”, comes from Protonian and means “to cook”.

7. The word “queue” will be pronounced in the same way as if the last four letters were removed.

8. The word “mortgage”, which means “mortgage”, comes from a French word meaning “mortal contract”.

9. 90% of all texts written in English are created with only 1000 words.

10. “Time” is the most commonly used noun in the English language.

11. In English, the most words begin with the letter “s” as compared to all the other letters of the alphabet.

12. There are 24 different dialects in the English language in the US.

13. The shortest sentence in English is “go”.

14. The abbreviation “lol” was officially recognized as a word in 2011.

15. 80% of all paragraphs written in English contain “the”.

16. Books about Harry Potter are translated from British English into American English.

17. The mischievous words “idiot”, “imbecile” and “moron” are initially used in medicine to categorize various intellectual difficulties.

18.We can be easily learning English with Bob Marley

Studies are already being done on any questions. And we just read and admire. Still, we like the outcome of Kaplan International Colleges’ interview that, when it comes to learning English, there are no better songs than those of reggae legend Bob Marley.

Anyone like Justin Bieber, Madonna, Lady Gaga, and so on can only breathe Bob’s dust.

Kaplan asked hundreds of former and current students whether listening to music in English helped them in

Image of music notes

Music notes

learning. 80% of them responded positively, and 14% immediately put Bob Marley’s music as particularly useful in this endeavor. Immediately after him were Michael Jackson with 11% and Madonna with 8%.

As a matter of fact, we find Bob Marley’s music very inspiring. As for learning English in simple and real phrases such as “no woman, no cry” and other activities.

Billion people speak English. This is almost 1 in every 7 around the world. Click To Tweet

Start right away. English is everywhere around you – movies, ads, and so on. You can check your English level for free by TOEFL practice test online. Open your doors to the world. Learn English!






Does your house stop you from discovering love?

Does your house stop you from discovering love?

Everything in our lives is energy that is constantly moving and transforming. Therefore, it is very important to be careful what messages you radiate to the universe, it is very likely that it will respond to them. The home is the place where one spends most of his time and according to the ancient Chinese art of feng shui, the energy message the home radiates can greatly influence our lives. Imagine the energy in your home as a living being that needs to move in order to move all the aspects of your life. If you come home every single night, unfulfilled with your life and rarely do new things and changes, it will be your life. You will also find it extremely difficult to find love.

Some housewifes want to polishing every surface, removing every stain and washing every glass. It’s good idea but they don’t have enough time. If you have the same problem don’t worry. There are a cleaning service which is good option. For example SYK Cleaning is a good cleaning company that can help you.


Let’s see which are the most common things that are likely to pull you back:

You do not let the pain go away

They’d broken the heart and you still can not get over it completely? Are you keeping old love letters in your home or a photo album? Still sleeping in the bedroom you chose together, right? Try to remove all the things that remind you of old connections, their energy connects you with pain that pulls you back. Clear the path ahead of you and allow something new to enter into your life.

Cold kitchen

Image of kitchenUnderstand this phrase literally – it’s a kitchen that is not used, where it is not cooked. If you do not have a mate, you probably think it is pointless to cook for yourself or you make something very fast. According to feng shui specialists, it is very important to keep the fire in your kitchen by using the stove.

Even if you bake some muffins to take to the office, you will be able to achieve the desired success.

In fact, the kitchen can literally invite the love in your life, that is the area that feng shui associates with the stomach, and who does not like to eat? You can even add a few candlesticks to boost the effect of the hot kitchen.

Everything x1

Do you have at home pictures, pictures or figurines that are of one person or a symbol of loneliness. It is best to Image of picturesremove them because they “talk” to the universe that you are aiming for it – to be alone. Try everything in your house in pairs, put two bedside tables next to your bed, look at all the pictures and cards you see everyday and notice whether there are lonely men or women on them. If you have a souvenir with a kitten, for example, buy a companion. So your home will be better balanced and you can attract your mate.

Revision of flowers

Image of flowersFlowers are wonderful according to feng shui, but too much of one thing is not good. Keep in mind that plants take energy from the earth, and earth is the energy of love and relationship. So if you have a jungle at home, it is best to give some of your flowers. Check the southwest corner of your home and see if there are plants to suck your energy. It is imperative that you do not have flowers in your bedroom and yes, the floral motifs on the covers are also counted!



Secrets On Taking Care Of Your Indian Hair Extensions

Indian hair extensions are one of the most sought after hair because not many Indian women go to salons and their hair is not treated with harsh chemicals. Indian hair extensions are very light and soft. Indian hair extensions are very versatile and can be styles and colored as you please. These hair extensions are very expensive because they last a very long time.

So, if you are investing on Indian hair extensions then you definitely want to take the best care possible. It does not matter if your hair is made of synthetic or real hair, you must take care of your investment if you want your hair extensions to remain soft, silky, shiny, and looking fabulous you must consistently maintain the hair extensions. With that being said good products should be used on your hair extensions. The added benefit of using Indian hair extensions is that chemical can be used on it and there won’t be much damage because it is 100% natural hair.


Wash + shampoo + condition = beautiful hair

Like your very own hair, hair extensions also need to be washed, shampooed and conditioned regularly. Try to stay clear from anti dandruff shampoos as the chemical they contain can damage the bonds of the extensions. Try to not over condition your hair and choose one that is best suited for the color and style of your hair.

Brushing of your hair

Brushing of your hair is very important and it is always recommended be it if you have synthetic or natural hair extensions. Always choose good hair brush best suited for your hair and brush your hair twice a day. Brushing prevents your hair from being tangled.

Keeping hair dry + using heated tools

After bathing make sure your hair is dry, never wrap your hair in a wet towel. Even though you have 100% natural hair it is best you don’t keep your hair extensions wet for long periods of time and heated tools can be used on this type of hair but it’s in your best interest to not overdo it with the heated tools as heat can damage the bonding of your hair extensions. And if you must use heated tools on your hair try to use ionic irons and hair dryers as this does not give of much harsh heat and this will reduce damage to hair extensions.

Consulting your stylist

Visiting with your stylist is important. Try to see your hair stylist every 8 – 6 weeks. As they are the professionals and will check your hair if there is any product builds up and they will give you the best advice on your hair extensions.

Winter holiday in Bansko

Today we present a great opportunity to relax in the most popular winter resort in Bulgaria – Bansko. We have chosen to introduce you one of the luxury hotels in the city “Kempinski Grand Arena Bansko“.


“Kempinski Grand Arena Bansko” try to do everything possible to be a hotel for a 5-star family holiday. In Pirin flagship of the oldest luxury chain in Europe know very well that the family holiday would be difficult to achieve without entertainment for the kids. Therefore, except Bulgarian and international sports stars who invited specially for the season opening on December 17, decided to celebrate the big day with the presentation of a new mascot – a teddy bear. He called it Todorka, the name of the top in whose foothills are the favorite slopes to skiers. Probably not coincidentally the name of the pet coincides with that of the most popular toy throughout the English-speaking (and not only) world – Teddy Bear, named after the 26th US president Theodore Roosevelt. The story says that in 1902 while hunting in Mississippi his friends surrounded the bear to help him and he can shoot something. However, Roosevelt refused to kill her. The story appeared as a caricature in the press and the owner of a New York shop – Morris Mitchum, ordered him to produce a series of “teddy bear”.


And in Bansko the newest member of the team of “Kempinski” arrived on a special mission – to make the stay of children in the enchanting and unforgettable experience. And because the world is crazy about the idea of creative tourism, which by definition means a break to be combined with enrichment of knowledge and skills here have thought that the utmost apply to kids. Regardless of age, their adventure is guaranteed even with the entry. They will be welcomed by the team of special children’s reception, where you can fill your funny registration card. Each will receive an individual passport and a list of challenges and tasks that must decide during the stay.


To the “еxcellent students” none other than Teddy Todorka will give prizes. Its plush version he could even travel with the family to their home. Beyond that, a separate section with healthy food and drink for a strong start to the day, prepared personally by the chief Carsten Rabe, will welcome the hungry in the morning buffet at the restaurant “Gallery”. Completely new children’s menu will be served in the restaurant “Come Prima”. Last but not least Kempinski The Spa will surprise little sweet with a tempting procedure. The aromatic massage “Chocolate Delight” will not only make them have fun, but will give them energy throughout the day. Thanks to VIP ski passes, exclusively offered to guests here long wait of the gondola remains in the past.


The weather conditions in Bulgaria are great for winter holiday, so pack your things and go. Don’t forget to take warm clothes, because there is a lot of snow. We recommend to book in advance your airport transfer. Choose some good transport company, which provide ski transfer, Bansko to be calm and secure at your arrival.

Some Fashion Online Stores You Can Find a Lot of Independent Designers

There are hundreds and thousands of fashion designers or boutiques available in the offline retail in multiple areas and places. However, they are facing a lot of difficulty in expanding their businesses as these are limited to a customer set pertaining to a particular area. shouye-0918Also, with the advent of many fashion brands and websites online, many customers have shifted their shopping pattern and channels from offline retail to online retail leading to a further hit in the revenues of independent designers. However, there are some marketplaces available online which give the opportunity to these independent fashion designers to reach out of wider audiences online. Some of these marketplaces have been discussed here.

Of a Kind: Of a kind is an online marketplace with displays and sells the outfits prepared by the independent designers online. The customers can go the website, chose the design and can place the order online and the amount which the customer spends would be given to the designer post some margin kept by the website. The website mostly targets designers from the US and has hosted designs from more than 350 designers since its launch.

Runway Crush: This is another online marketplace which hosts many independent designers and boutiques interested in selling their products online. The Runway Crush website not only hosts the clothing line from the designers but it also has multiple categories including jewelry and other accessories which are required by fashion enthusiasts.

Farfetch: This is an online marketplace for independent boutique owners or fashion designers and the company was founded in 2008. The company has raised several rounds of funding so as to facilitate the operations of the company. The company houses independent designers from Europe and North America and has over 300 designers listed on its website. The customers apart from viewing designs by the independent designers can also view the detailed profile of the independent designers to have a better idea of the resource and the talent who has created the design online.

Cargoh: An online marketplace for fashion designers operating in multiple categories including clothing, bags and purses, jewelry, home décor, pet’s products and products related to kids and many other products. The website has its presence in multiple areas across the globe and houses hundreds of independent designers online.

Freshionup: Another online marketplace for independent fashion designers making clothes, jewelry and shoe bags etc. which give an option to the fashion designers to open their online store with the website.

Thus there are multiple online fashion marketplaces which are giving an online opportunity to the independent designers to sell their products to the wider audiences and increase their reach.


Magical Answers to Garden Decoration Uncovered

Garden Decoration Ideas

If you want to buy paint, you might want to decide on acrylic paint from the craft department of your own community big-box store. The wooden furniture items will really be a perfect addition to the total setup.

In case your garden occupies a large, windy website, especially close to the coast, you may reap the benefits of planting a superiortoad-1506632_640hedge or possibly a shelter belt’ of trees and shrubs. Combining the above within an imaginative way will not just let you conserve water, but will likewise supply a region of garden that needs very little maintenance. At the onset of the wintertime, transfer them all in a shaded location.

This is just another juncture where you are able to use your garden. A thriving herb garden may be actual delight. You could also apply your herb garden for a border for a far bigger garden.

Top Garden Decoration Secrets

Most garden seeders weren’t made for small plot gardeners. Don’t attempt to produce your private garden seem like a jogger park by installing lights which are vivid sufficient to provide light to the comprehensive neighborhood. Larger beautiful fountains set in the garden or utilized as the central focus in your backyard.

So decorate your own garden with the majority of appropriate sculptures and see the way that it transforms into beautiful lovely location. For additional colour contrast, glass blocks can be introduced in little areas. A mix of form and function, these vases may be used for the goal of holding flowers, and they’re an art statement by themselves.

Garden Decoration – the Story

There are kinds of lighting accessories accessible in the marketplace that can improve the appearance of your garden. Here are a few of the techniques to utilize the replacements canopies to decorate the garden. You don’t must go outside of the thing to do and take overmuch of the solution and venture in respect to good ornamental garden lighting.

Deciding the garden theme can help you in choosing the right type of garden decor. They want their garden as well as their home to seem very attractive. Primarily, garden owners have to pick the mosaics that will be utilized in the space.

The Good, the Bad and The Gardening

Gardening is also believed to give you an excellent sleep.

Put simply, gardening is, in addition, discovered to offer certain health benefits. It must be noted this method is not right for people who pursue gardening for a hobby.

Here are some useful tips that could help you designing the garden of your dreams: (Original Source:

Tips for Designing the Perfect Garden

Get ideas for combining colors and textures from Virginia Amstrup, who created this beautiful garden in Alaska.

The perfect way to enhance a soil’s condition for the objective of gardening, is with the aid of compost. 16342-a-woman-enjoying-gardening-outdoors-pvOn-line stores also have different types of soils available for different sorts of plants as well as regions. A huge number of vegetables could be grown during the harsh winter season.

This technique of gardening is generally known as `no-dig gardening’. This type of gardening can be achieved in the perfect way with using raised beds. Not only that, They are known as `gardener snakes’. Gardening by means of this technique is truly helpful for people who have knee issues or don’t want to form a mess which comes with soil gardening.

Gardening accessories are among the best choices for a gardening gift. The gardening beds are huge, which enables people to walk through the whole area so as to keep the garden. Another popular notion is a vegetable garden. As an increasing medium for the plant, something in order for it to receive its roots into, unique gardeners will have distinctive preferences.