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Hi, my name is Stella, I like reading books, travelling, visiting museums and getting lost, I like poetry and art in all their forms. I adore my home and I believe that it is a reflection of mine, of my ideas and emotions. In my free time I enjoy hiking, simply walking in the park or jogging in the mornings. I like the nature in its purest form and I love discovering it. I started writing in this blog because I wanted a diary – somewhere I can write everything I am keen on and I can talk about the things I want to keep in mind, and I believe that we all have a lot in common. Be humane! Have a nice time reading.

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Why Chelsea’s New Cleaning Experts Are So Worthy?

They have just arrived in the neighborhood and if you have not already heard about their magnificent power and wonderful reputation, you must be super antisocial. They are professionals that changed the lives of so many here already and we instantly fell in love with them and for a reason. There was not a single thing in their services and cleanings that was not alright. That is why, if you are currently living in Chelsea and you need any kind of cleaning, you better try theirs. You will be impressed and more than content. And here are the main reasons why:

They Work in Advance4979331831_223bdfc97c_b

What most of the firms do is sending a team, which without any preparation looks at the house and tries to make it look presentable. What this team does is ask you for the condition of your house in advance, right after you have arranged an appointment. Thus they make a plan for the cleaning even before they arrived. When you tell them, what you want from them, they can determine how much time they will need. So they are never in a hurry and they are never unpleasantly surprised.

You can find them here.

They Are Responsible

Right from the start, they arrive at your door fully-equipped and with a wide smile on their faces. They are responsible, but they are friendly, polite and punctual, as well. You feel certain and safe.

They Achieve Greatness

After all, the final results is the only thing that matters. And these guys are making your house shine, bringing the accommodation in wonderful condition and leaving you totally satisfied. They guarantee you wonderful final results as they know they would achieve them. And for you, after hiring them once, you would like to have them always at home.

End of tenancy cleaning: the fridge

End of tenancy cleaning: the fridge

The move out is always somehow stressful and the end of tenancy cleaning – tense. You get a checklist and you are terrified by the million things you have to tidy before the inspection so that you can get your money back and, unfortunately, this is the moment you realize that if you have taken care more assiduously and regularly through the years, your home would be much cleaner now and you will be able to prepare it before the arrival of the landlord or the letting agency representative more easily. Another well-known fact is that our clean-up most always includes a simple vacuum-cleaning and a not so successful attempt to get rid of the dust and nothing else. And if you are that brave, that you believe you can cope with this whole situation without hiring one of the best London’s cleaning companies (seriously?), you better clean as you go, I mean maintain your home in a perfect condition, and then you could succeed.

And the fridge is not a small detail that won’t be checked during the inspection, so if it doesn’t look perfectly, you are surely going to fail.  


Ok, you have done the shopping and you are now back home with so much bags and stuff you need to put in the fridge. Well, the old ones that were in the refrigerator even before you went to the market have their expiration dates logically sooner, so you better put them in the front and thus eat them or cook them first. Otherwise they may spoil and then you will need to clean after them in the fridge which is definitely not what you want.

Arrange a meeting with a cleaning company, and get the stress off your shoulders. You can find more information here.

Store properly 

You have eaten that half of the take away pizza and you now have to either put it in the fridge or throw it away, but it was so damn delicious that your heart breaks by the simple thought of the slices in the garbage. So store all leftovers properly in the fridge. The best option is to put them in boxes, because in this way the smells won’t mix in the fridge and everything will be nice and fresh.

Remove spills instantly 

You put the bowl with spaghetti Bolognese in the refrigerator, you close the door and you hear that something happens in there. Oh God, you open it again and you see the spaghetti on the shelf and such a mess. Now, clean it instantly, because thus it would be much easier. The simple rule is, when you notice a stain, you clean it immediately and don’t procrastinate.

Throw out what you won’t eat 

Yeah, you have a fridge because you want to store more food in there and always to have something to eat even in the middle of the night, for instance. But, let’s admit that we all buy things, and then realize we don’t like them that much. Throwing food away is not good for sure, but if you don’t do it from time to time, your appliance would be in terrible condition, so why not.


End of tenancy cleaning: the wood floor 

End of tenancy cleaning: the wood floor 


The wood floor makes the house definitely cozier. You can put a carpet on it, or you can leave it like that. Either ways you will love it and all your guests, too. Because it is natural and it creates a lovely atmosphere and makes you feel at home right after you go through the threshold. At first you thought that it could be more easily maintained than the carpeted floor, but in fact, you realized you were deluded. Well, there is nothing facile in this life and everything needs some sort of commitment. The ugly truth about this harsh reality is that using only the vacuum-cleaner, you won’t achieve any kind of result at all. Yeah, you will probably be able to get rid of a particular amount of dust and some dirt, but you won’t remove some stains and other grime. So when your rent agreement is coming to an end and you have already arranged an appointment with the landlord for the inspection, you are starting to panic, and you have to stop! Follow these simple steps and soon the floor will even sparkle.


Well, don’t skip it. The vacuum-cleaner is indeed an appliance with magical power, so it may not make the floor look perfect, but it will be beneficial for sure and it is going to remove a lot of dust and some dirt like hair in the living room and the bedroom or some leavings in the kitchen, for instance.

The microfiber mop

There are some new generation cleaning tools and one of them is definitely the microfiber cloth. Yes, you know that you have to go through the floor with a rug, because the vacuum-cleaner simply cannot reach every place, but you are not keen on the idea of being on your knees with a wet clout and microfiber cloth for hours. And here comes the innovation – the microfiber mop. It has a telescopic handle and could be exactly as long as you want it to be. And you can clean with it just like you do with the vacuum-cleaner – easy, fast and efficient. After using this tool there won’t be any grime at all and the whole floor will be almost clear and ready for inspection.

The same mop and a detergent

A really common mistake is cleaning the wood floor with a normal traditional mop and water. Please, avoid it, because the water is not a friend to the wood and applying a large amount of it on the floor is like torturing the parquet. So you better know that the wood in contrast to the laminate requires a lot more care. There are many wood floor cleaning kits which have some nice eco-friendly detergents or you can buy only the cleaning product from the supermarket. Using these ones will not only make your floor look absolutely flawless, but will also improve its quality and prolong its life. And when the landlord comes with the end of tenancy cleaning checklist, he will be more than impressed.


Cleansing services and their value

Cleansing services and their value

Expert end of tenancy cleaning businesses will make sure that a home is extensively cleansed. A lot of leading cleansing companies include staff which are completely educated as well as offer the best feasible services. Expert end of tenancy cleaning services prolong consultations built around your needs and ensure high quality workmanship. Several also offer a tryout before long-term servicing arrangements. Using the services from a end of tenancy cleaning business weekly could be a huge plus for great deals of family members or tenants. More

The latest hairstyle trend: half-up topknot

The latest hairstyle trend: half-up topknot

Every little girl loves her hair. Every grown-up girl adores her hair as well. It makes you look more feminine and there is nothing else needed than a healthy, strong and shining hair, wide smile and a beautiful unique outfit. However, nothing in life is that easy and even the things we love sometimes disappoint us, so we can help but bother every time our hair has a period of nasty being and there is no way we can make it look nice. Bad hair day, bad hair week – yeah, they happen far more often then we want, but the big girls know that there always have to be a second plan and the bad hair cannot ruin your look, your mood, your day – just use it to make something beautiful. More

Mops: instructions for use or how to clean more efficiently with their help

Mops: instructions for use or how to clean more efficiently with their help

Today millions of different cleaning products and tools can be found on the market. There is a great variety, there are too many commercials trying to convince you to buy a particular one. And indeed it is all about the choices you make – would you buy the cheaper one or that, which is more expensive? Do you need another cleaning tool or a new vacuum-cleaner? Do you need one all-purpose cleaning product or ten specialized ones, and what would be more effective? Questions, too many questions, you ask yourself in the supermarket, facing the shelves full of new things. But in fact what you should do is make an informed choice, which means that you have to make a little research first, you have to be aware of the differences of the things offered, you have to know which one would be the best for your situation and here we come to the main topic today – the mops. They are all popular and wide-spread and nowadays there are too many modifications, but you should know well at least the main ones.

Check out SYK Cleaning Company for more ideas. More

End of tenancy cleaning: the ceramic hobs

End of tenancy cleaning: the ceramic hobs

If there’s something even more annoying and tiring than cleaning the oven after tenancy that is undoubtedly cleaning the ceramic hobs. You have heard so many times that if you clean them frequently, you will save yourself so many efforts, but, for God sake, you come back from work, exhausted and nervous, and you start preparing dinner, cooking a few meals, than arranging the table and washing the dishes. After this whole procedure, when you are dreaming of the coziness of the sofa, of the interesting new episode of the series you watch, of a cuddle with your beloved one, or some time with your kids, or when you are simply dreaming of your bed and a rest, you have to clean the ceramic hobs. That is insane. Though you know you should, you do not do it on a daily basis, and in the future perhaps you will continue not doing it. But now you have no choice. The rent agreement is coming to an end and the inspection of the landlord or the letting agency’s representative is too close and if you want your money back, you have to clean this hell, and you can hire the best to perform it for you right here.

Remove food

When we cook, we are sometimes too passionate and other times too absent-minded, but the result is often some food on the hobs instead in the pan. So, now if you want to clean them, get rid of the food first, because only in this way you will be able to proceed.

Apply detergent

There are many, maybe even too many, detergents for ceramic hobs. Most of them are in fact equally efficient, so buy one, without wondering and trying to understand which of them is the best. They all are simply good. You can, however, make your own cleaning product with white vinegar or baking soda which are said to remove the grease. Then apply the detergent on the hobs especially where there are stains and spots.


Most of the cleaning products even these you prepare at home, need some time so that they can actually make all the cleaning easier. So take advantage and make yourself a cup of coffee now or an avocado bagel. Or simply sit on the sofa and be at ease. You don’t have to stay by the hobs all the time. After half an hour the food will be soften and the detergent won’t be dried up. And this is the right moment when you have to proceed.


If your ceramic hobs are disastrous, you will most probably need some special help. And here comes the glass scraper – this magical cleaning tool removes all the food left, the grease, the dirt and in the same time it doesn’t damage the ceramic surface. You can then use a wet clout and get rid of the detergent really carefully, because you will prepare food there soon and if you strive for perfection, you can end up with a microfiber cloth.

Cleaning solutions that will save you money

Cleaning solutions that will save you money

Too often before even starting the spring cleaning or the end of tenancy one, we end up in front of the numerous shelves full of many different detergents and cleaning products and cleaning tools in the supermarkets. And we buy some, of course, because we want to believe that in this way we will be more motivated to clean. In fact the result is less money in our pockets and, well, the same efficiency. And there are some other simple solutions that will save you money. So try them and start spending your salary on shopping or on plane tickets, on road trips, on everything, but cleaning. More

How to get the discoloration out of carpet from your pets pee?

How to get the discoloration out of carpet from your pets pee?

Okay, so I have been investigating on ways to do this and talk to a company near by SYK End of tenancy cleaning, as I will mention it below,  and have actually attempted lots of varying techniques but until now yet absolutely nothing has passed muster.

The cat pee was dried out, and I do not know how old it has actually been there, it was before I moved in that’s for certain, however I’ve acquired the scent out and my difficulty is the yellow color that I can’t seem to get to vanish. The paradox is that the area of the carpet with this color really smells much better than the remainder of my carpeting but merely looks terrible.

Actions I have actually taken:

  • I have a Vax heat carpet cleaner that I blasted on it
  • Woolite
  • OxyDeep carpeting cleaner option
  • Fix “Pet dog Stains” carpet cleaner mix
  • White vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide
  • Color safe bleach

Okay now the spot looks lighter, but it is still noticeable, I just wonder exactly what was up with this cat that went to commode on the carpet, was its urine radioactive?

I talked to SYK End of tenancy cleaning for some insight as they are local to me, they stated that the carpeting also looked liked it had actually been bleached likewise. I was uncertain whether he meant by all my psychotic cleansing attempting to get rid of the discolor or whether it was blonde before the cat began to have a pee. He encouraged for me to try the following:

  • White vinegar
  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • Hydrogen peroxide

They also have some other great tips for various problems, so check them out.

He encouraged to use the remedy by using a quarter of a cup of vinegar with a quarter of the vinegar with a quarter of the cup of baking soda and the exact same once again of the hydrogen peroxide. Then to rinse and repeat as essential till the soiling has actually gone.

So two weeks later on and the yellow tarnish has been removed I can be sufficient to state. Nevertheless the whitening is still apparent, so I could grin as well as bear it in the meantime yet I will certainly change my carpets in the near future. I talked to a carpet merchant which has experience with removing spots from carpets that claimed that this is a large concern for individuals so you can now get carpet which is absolutely hard-wearing where you could literally chuck a tons of bleach to eliminate any kind of discolorations as well as it does not damage the carpeting in anyhow. So I assume I will treat myself to some bleach resistant carpet, who requires carpet cleaners and carpet shampoo after that hey?

Can you afford buying a house?

Can you afford buying a house?

You have a serious job now – challenging and time-consuming, but well-paid as well. Your family is growing – the two little ones are not so little anymore and they need more space just like they need more attention. You are finally having a life of a grown-up. There are more responsibilities, more things to think of and to take into consideration. You are not so careless and wild and the uncertainty that was so attractive once, is a little bit scary now. You want no risks and no constant travels, you are seeking the calmness of a place you can call your home – now and for good – a place you will come back to, you will design with passion and desire, your kids will love indescribably and your soul will be at ease. Sitting on the couch and having a glass of wine (or a few) with your spouse you are again discussing the house buying question: when? Now? Are you ready? Where you want to live? Are you sure? Questions that need their answers first. But mostly the one that bothers you and keeps you awake all night: can you afford buying a house? And if there is a single thing you don’t like risking at all, this is the money on your bank account, your savings. So spending all of them, mortgaging and so on, is a little bit tricky. But how could you understand, how could you find out, could you afford it?  More