My favorite summer place at home: the balcony

The summer is a season that matters, it is a sensation, it is freedom in the heart, wind in the hair, darker skin, less cares, beautiful sunshine, full moon and a lot of time spent outdoors. Summer is a season full of emotions that makes me want to stay out, to scream, to run, to climb, to sunbath. It is indeed my favorite season.

But I will save the joy in my heart for a little bit later and now let me take you back to the reality. And here nothing is that flawless.

You are going to work every day, your job is challenging, your lifestyle tense, it is blooming hot and you even hate the stupid sunlight that makes you anxious and unable to see a thing without sunglasses. And yeah, summer is a wonderful season to be away and an awful one to stay in the city.  

My favorite summer place at home2But what could you do now? Yeah, you will spend your 2-week holiday on a nice, endless, sunny, enthralling beach somewhere, but till then? You will be stuck in your office, drinking too much water so that you won’t be dehydrated and you will go back directly to your air-conditioned home thereafter? That’s it. Everydayness too boring even to be mentioned. But what if I tell you that your rescue, your paradise is right in your plain sight? It is only a wall that separates you from your summer heaven and it is indeed your balcony. The air is fresh, the atmosphere lovely. Have some planted flowers there, comfy furniture, a couple of solar lights and some candles for sure. Add some pillows and a blanket, have your book or a couple of your best and loved people and I promise you that you will be in transports of joy.

Hi, my name is Stella, I like reading books, travelling, visiting museums and getting lost, I like poetry and art in all their forms. I adore my home and I believe that it is a reflection of mine, of my ideas and emotions. In my free time I enjoy hiking, simply walking in the park or jogging in the mornings. I like the nature in its purest form and I love discovering it. I started writing in this blog because I wanted a diary – somewhere I can write everything I am keen on and I can talk about the things I want to keep in mind, and I believe that we all have a lot in common. Be humane! Have a nice time reading.