Curious facts about the English language that will open your eyes

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English is mandatory for anyone who wants to communicate with people outside of their family and neighborhood. Wherever it is called, if you live fully, it is not bad to be able to speak in English. Although it is popular, this language still has its own secrets, some of which we will uncover now. Read and remember:

  1. Billion people speak English. This is almost 1 in every 7 around the world.

2. The English words “I”, “we” and “three” are among the most ancient.

3. The longest English word without vowels is “rhythms”.

4. A new English word is being invented every 98 minutes.

5. 89% of people in Sweden speak English.

6. The word “bride”, comes from Protonian and means “to cook”.

7. The word “queue” will be pronounced in the same way as if the last four letters were removed.

8. The word “mortgage”, which means “mortgage”, comes from a French word meaning “mortal contract”.

9. 90% of all texts written in English are created with only 1000 words.

10. “Time” is the most commonly used noun in the English language.

11. In English, the most words begin with the letter “s” as compared to all the other letters of the alphabet.

12. There are 24 different dialects in the English language in the US.

13. The shortest sentence in English is “go”.

14. The abbreviation “lol” was officially recognized as a word in 2011.

15. 80% of all paragraphs written in English contain “the”.

16. Books about Harry Potter are translated from British English into American English.

17. The mischievous words “idiot”, “imbecile” and “moron” are initially used in medicine to categorize various intellectual difficulties.

18.We can be easily learning English with Bob Marley

Studies are already being done on any questions. And we just read and admire. Still, we like the outcome of Kaplan International Colleges’ interview that, when it comes to learning English, there are no better songs than those of reggae legend Bob Marley.

Anyone like Justin Bieber, Madonna, Lady Gaga, and so on can only breathe Bob’s dust.

Kaplan asked hundreds of former and current students whether listening to music in English helped them in

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Music notes

learning. 80% of them responded positively, and 14% immediately put Bob Marley’s music as particularly useful in this endeavor. Immediately after him were Michael Jackson with 11% and Madonna with 8%.

As a matter of fact, we find Bob Marley’s music very inspiring. As for learning English in simple and real phrases such as “no woman, no cry” and other activities.

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