How to wash a leather jacket in the washing machine

Image of woman with leather jacket

Woman with leather jacket

Leather clothes are favorite of many people. At least until the washing time comes and we do not start bumping our head to think how to do it better and how not to damage them.

Because it’s no secret that the leather has some peculiarities, both because of the matter itself and the processing processes it has undergone. So let’s see how it is right to wash a leather jacket.


To wash your leather jacket, you should first put two teaspoons of detergent in the washing machine. Then choose the lightest, delicate and short program and wash with cold water. You can put several pairs of black sports trousers and socks in the washing machine to act as a pillow for your jacket and protect it from spinning.

In addition, they will absorb some of the water and thus make laundry even easier. Washing a leather jacket is best not to last long. Six minutes is enough time. In addition, during the laundry, it is good to turn the jacket out.

After laundry

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The jacket should be in an excellent condition (except, of course, that it will have been soaked). It’s normal if you think it’s a little bigger and more distracted. Once it has dried up, it should have come into place.


Drying can also be done in a dryer if you use it at home. In this case, you could turn the machine on to a low to

Image of man with leather jacket

Man with leather jacket

medium level to avoid unpleasant surprises. The jacket should be turned inside out while it is in the dryer and it is advisable to check it every 10 minutes to make sure it is still wet.

On air

Drying the leather jacket out of the fresh air is definitely a much better and recommended idea. You can hang it on the terrace or yard, but you must choose a place that is shady and no direct sunlight because the sun’s rays can damage it if it heats it too long.


It is very possible, in such a procedure, that the jacket will lose some of its luster. For this reason, it is advisable to wash only if this is absolutely necessary.

Another risk is that the jacket will stretch and become damaged if it is not properly washed and dried. Most experts recommend using the services of dry cleaners because this is the safest alternative for the leather jacket.

Some people, however, say that the leather jacket should not be washed in the washing machine but only by hand in order not to damage. And If have  your washing machine wont drain for sure it will be better to do it by hand.

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