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Furnishing of student lodging with minimum funds

Furnishing of student lodging with minimum funds

To make a student’s home comfortable and cozy, you do not have to spend hundreds of pounds. If you have them – well. If you do not have them – and without them you will get it. Here’s what we offer you – former students and current masters of all sorts of crap for the home.

Shelves – more shelves

Image of shelves


They are not expensive and you can mount them yourself on the wall. Even better, moving away from the lodgings you can remove them from one place and put them on the other. If the walls of your apartment are in neutral color buy your boards in different colors and different lengths. For example – yellow for books and textbooks; blue for dishes and glasses; green for souvenirs and small gifts; orange for packaged foods.

Do not have a kitchen? Take a corner for it, we’ll get back to the topic a little bit later. Do not worry that the shelves will get you a lot. Distribute them on the walls, they will definitely bring in the comfort of the room with their colors, and there will be places to arrange your belongings.

Improved kitchen

True, students do not cook much, but it is good to have somewhere to mix a soup, tea or stew. Click To TweetIf there is a large, high table in your room, push it into the corner of the kitchen. (It’s easier for you to have a coffee table.) Mount the shelves above it. From the market, you can get larger wicker basket to arrange at one end of the table. Keep them in fruits, vegetables, tea and coffee boxes. A jar will do a great job for the spoons, forks, knives.

From a tile store, buy a larger granite tile in whatever color you like. (If it is a sample, it will be cheaper.) Put it on the kitchen table and put the hotplate on it.

Stretch thin legs from foot to leg on the table. Buy a cheerful cloth for curtains – the best canvas. Sew hooks on pieces

Image of student


of cloth and surround them with space under the table. This will give you a great jar storage space that will not irritate your eyes.

Look around. Do you need anything else? Think about how you can do it by handy means. We are sure you will get well. And if you move in new house you will need post tenancy cleaning services, find professional help here



Does your house stop you from discovering love?

Does your house stop you from discovering love?

Everything in our lives is energy that is constantly moving and transforming. Therefore, it is very important to be careful what messages you radiate to the universe, it is very likely that it will respond to them. The home is the place where one spends most of his time and according to the ancient Chinese art of feng shui, the energy message the home radiates can greatly influence our lives. Imagine the energy in your home as a living being that needs to move in order to move all the aspects of your life. If you come home every single night, unfulfilled with your life and rarely do new things and changes, it will be your life. You will also find it extremely difficult to find love.

Some housewifes want to polishing every surface, removing every stain and washing every glass. It’s good idea but they don’t have enough time. If you have the same problem don’t worry. There are a cleaning service which is good option. For example SYK Cleaning is a good cleaning company that can help you.


Let’s see which are the most common things that are likely to pull you back:

You do not let the pain go away

They’d broken the heart and you still can not get over it completely? Are you keeping old love letters in your home or a photo album? Still sleeping in the bedroom you chose together, right? Try to remove all the things that remind you of old connections, their energy connects you with pain that pulls you back. Clear the path ahead of you and allow something new to enter into your life.

Cold kitchen

Image of kitchenUnderstand this phrase literally – it’s a kitchen that is not used, where it is not cooked. If you do not have a mate, you probably think it is pointless to cook for yourself or you make something very fast. According to feng shui specialists, it is very important to keep the fire in your kitchen by using the stove.

Even if you bake some muffins to take to the office, you will be able to achieve the desired success.

In fact, the kitchen can literally invite the love in your life, that is the area that feng shui associates with the stomach, and who does not like to eat? You can even add a few candlesticks to boost the effect of the hot kitchen.

Everything x1

Do you have at home pictures, pictures or figurines that are of one person or a symbol of loneliness. It is best to Image of picturesremove them because they “talk” to the universe that you are aiming for it – to be alone. Try everything in your house in pairs, put two bedside tables next to your bed, look at all the pictures and cards you see everyday and notice whether there are lonely men or women on them. If you have a souvenir with a kitten, for example, buy a companion. So your home will be better balanced and you can attract your mate.

Revision of flowers

Image of flowersFlowers are wonderful according to feng shui, but too much of one thing is not good. Keep in mind that plants take energy from the earth, and earth is the energy of love and relationship. So if you have a jungle at home, it is best to give some of your flowers. Check the southwest corner of your home and see if there are plants to suck your energy. It is imperative that you do not have flowers in your bedroom and yes, the floral motifs on the covers are also counted!



Why Chelsea’s New Cleaning Experts Are So Worthy?

They have just arrived in the neighborhood and if you have not already heard about their magnificent power and wonderful reputation, you must be super antisocial. They are professionals that changed the lives of so many here already and we instantly fell in love with them and for a reason. There was not a single thing in their services and cleanings that was not alright. That is why, if you are currently living in Chelsea and you need any kind of cleaning, you better try theirs. You will be impressed and more than content. And here are the main reasons why:

They Work in Advance4979331831_223bdfc97c_b

What most of the firms do is sending a team, which without any preparation looks at the house and tries to make it look presentable. What this team does is ask you for the condition of your house in advance, right after you have arranged an appointment. Thus they make a plan for the cleaning even before they arrived. When you tell them, what you want from them, they can determine how much time they will need. So they are never in a hurry and they are never unpleasantly surprised.

You can find them here.

They Are Responsible

Right from the start, they arrive at your door fully-equipped and with a wide smile on their faces. They are responsible, but they are friendly, polite and punctual, as well. You feel certain and safe.

They Achieve Greatness

After all, the final results is the only thing that matters. And these guys are making your house shine, bringing the accommodation in wonderful condition and leaving you totally satisfied. They guarantee you wonderful final results as they know they would achieve them. And for you, after hiring them once, you would like to have them always at home.

Mops: instructions for use or how to clean more efficiently with their help

Mops: instructions for use or how to clean more efficiently with their help

Today millions of different cleaning products and tools can be found on the market. There is a great variety, there are too many commercials trying to convince you to buy a particular one. And indeed it is all about the choices you make – would you buy the cheaper one or that, which is more expensive? Do you need another cleaning tool or a new vacuum-cleaner? Do you need one all-purpose cleaning product or ten specialized ones, and what would be more effective? Questions, too many questions, you ask yourself in the supermarket, facing the shelves full of new things. But in fact what you should do is make an informed choice, which means that you have to make a little research first, you have to be aware of the differences of the things offered, you have to know which one would be the best for your situation and here we come to the main topic today – the mops. They are all popular and wide-spread and nowadays there are too many modifications, but you should know well at least the main ones.

Check out SYK Cleaning Company for more ideas. More

Can you afford buying a house?

Can you afford buying a house?

You have a serious job now – challenging and time-consuming, but well-paid as well. Your family is growing – the two little ones are not so little anymore and they need more space just like they need more attention. You are finally having a life of a grown-up. There are more responsibilities, more things to think of and to take into consideration. You are not so careless and wild and the uncertainty that was so attractive once, is a little bit scary now. You want no risks and no constant travels, you are seeking the calmness of a place you can call your home – now and for good – a place you will come back to, you will design with passion and desire, your kids will love indescribably and your soul will be at ease. Sitting on the couch and having a glass of wine (or a few) with your spouse you are again discussing the house buying question: when? Now? Are you ready? Where you want to live? Are you sure? Questions that need their answers first. But mostly the one that bothers you and keeps you awake all night: can you afford buying a house? And if there is a single thing you don’t like risking at all, this is the money on your bank account, your savings. So spending all of them, mortgaging and so on, is a little bit tricky. But how could you understand, how could you find out, could you afford it?  More

How to get rid of the cobwebs?

How to get rid of the cobwebs?

If there is something worse than noticing a spider at home in your bedroom this is indeed noticing a whole cobweb right over your bed and imagining the hardly possible scenario of a spider walking on your face while you are sleeping happily and nicely in your cozy and comfy bed. These things are renewing, we have to admit, their removal is hard and sometimes too strenuous and their appearance – too soon and too unpleasant. The truth is that they are truly awful and not the best view ever, so when a guest stops by and meets a whole bunch of spiders in the bathroom, for instance, he will be shocked and he may even panic. And in addition their removal and non-existence is even part of the end of tenancy cleaning, which makes you hate them even more. Oh, how sad it would be, if you lose the money from your security deposit, because of a single stupid spider and its frightening cobweb. Please, don’t let this happen.  More

Cleaning is the new workout

Cleaning is the new workout

We all want to be fit for the summer and to have the all dreamed beach body, so we’ve been trying to work out in every possibility since the first sunbeam this spring. This, however, is not that easy, as you have a serious job and a busy lifestyle. And you not only have to go to work, but you also have to do the shopping and the cooking, you have to take care of the kids and last but not least you have to do the cleaning. And all these activities make your weekend not less busy than your weekdays.

But the key to your successful workout was all this time hidden in your everydayness. The cleaning is in fact the ultimate training.

There are numerous reasons why doing the end of tenancy cleaning is far better than going to the gym Click To Tweet


There are numerous reasons why doing the end of tenancy cleaning is far better than going to the gym and the most important one is that it’s convenient.
You don’t have to drive ten minutes or even more so as to be able to work out. You can just wake up and start.