Can you afford buying a house?

You have a serious job now – challenging and time-consuming, but well-paid as well. Your family is growing – the two little ones are not so little anymore and they need more space just like they need more attention. You are finally having a life of a grown-up. There are more responsibilities, more things to think of and to take into consideration. You are not so careless and wild and the uncertainty that was so attractive once, is a little bit scary now. You want no risks and no constant travels, you are seeking the calmness of a place you can call your home – now and for good – a place you will come back to, you will design with passion and desire, your kids will love indescribably and your soul will be at ease. Sitting on the couch and having a glass of wine (or a few) with your spouse you are again discussing the house buying question: when? Now? Are you ready? Where you want to live? Are you sure? Questions that need their answers first. But mostly the one that bothers you and keeps you awake all night: can you afford buying a house? And if there is a single thing you don’t like risking at all, this is the money on your bank account, your savings. So spending all of them, mortgaging and so on, is a little bit tricky. But how could you understand, how could you find out, could you afford it? 

Meet your accountant

We are living our happy lives, without constantly thinking how much we earn and how much we spend. Budget was a thing you learnt about in university, but never applied in real life. So if someone asks you: how much money you have left at the end of the month, how big your expenses are and how much you are ready to save every month, you won’t be able to answer. This is the simple truth, but an attitude like this could make you broke, if you jump into the unknown and buy a house. For this reason, be more rational now and meet your accountant – together discuss your budget and your options like mortgaging, taking a loan and so on. Be prepared with what you have before you even start house hunting.

Meet your real estate agent 

If you have chosen a professional real estate agency like DAA Residential, which offers a wonderful wide selection of houses to buy in Wapping and Docklands, you will be able to meet one of their expert agents. The simple way he makes your life a lot easier, is by having the needed experience and being perfectly aware of the housing market in those London’s regions. Tell him what you are looking for and he will tell you how much you will need. The good news is that he knows if the prices are going up or down and thus he will give you the best advice, telling you when the right moment for house buying is.

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