Cleaning is the new workout

We all want to be fit for the summer and to have the all dreamed beach body, so we’ve been trying to work out in every possibility since the first sunbeam this spring. This, however, is not that easy, as you have a serious job and a busy lifestyle. And you not only have to go to work, but you also have to do the shopping and the cooking, you have to take care of the kids and last but not least you have to do the cleaning. And all these activities make your weekend not less busy than your weekdays.

But the key to your successful workout was all this time hidden in your everydayness. The cleaning is in fact the ultimate training.

There are numerous reasons why doing the end of tenancy cleaning is far better than going to the gym Click To Tweet


There are numerous reasons why doing the end of tenancy cleaning is far better than going to the gym and the most important one is that it’s convenient.
You don’t have to drive ten minutes or even more so as to be able to work out. You can just wake up and start.


Another advantage of doing your workout while cleaning is that it’s not so time-consuming. You can do it for 10 minutes a day by simply cleaning the carpeted floor with the vacuum-cleaner or you can do a whole training during the spring or after tenancy cleaning. It’s up to you.


The truth is most of you are really skeptical about the efficiency, while most of the exercises you do in the gym are not even that good. If you try cleaning the windows for example you will feel how you are training muscles of your whole body at the same time. So a simple windows washing is turning into an exercise for abs, legs and arms. And who needs more?

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