Furnishing of student lodging with minimum funds

To make a student’s home comfortable and cozy, you do not have to spend hundreds of pounds. If you have them – well. If you do not have them – and without them you will get it. Here’s what we offer you – former students and current masters of all sorts of crap for the home.

Shelves – more shelves

Image of shelves


They are not expensive and you can mount them yourself on the wall. Even better, moving away from the lodgings you can remove them from one place and put them on the other. If the walls of your apartment are in neutral color buy your boards in different colors and different lengths. For example – yellow for books and textbooks; blue for dishes and glasses; green for souvenirs and small gifts; orange for packaged foods.

Do not have a kitchen? Take a corner for it, we’ll get back to the topic a little bit later. Do not worry that the shelves will get you a lot. Distribute them on the walls, they will definitely bring in the comfort of the room with their colors, and there will be places to arrange your belongings.

Improved kitchen

True, students do not cook much, but it is good to have somewhere to mix a soup, tea or stew. Click To TweetIf there is a large, high table in your room, push it into the corner of the kitchen. (It’s easier for you to have a coffee table.) Mount the shelves above it. From the market, you can get larger wicker basket to arrange at one end of the table. Keep them in fruits, vegetables, tea and coffee boxes. A jar will do a great job for the spoons, forks, knives.

From a tile store, buy a larger granite tile in whatever color you like. (If it is a sample, it will be cheaper.) Put it on the kitchen table and put the hotplate on it.

Stretch thin legs from foot to leg on the table. Buy a cheerful cloth for curtains – the best canvas. Sew hooks on pieces

Image of student


of cloth and surround them with space under the table. This will give you a great jar storage space that will not irritate your eyes.

Look around. Do you need anything else? Think about how you can do it by handy means. We are sure you will get well. And if you move in new house you will need post tenancy cleaning services, find professional help here



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