Mops: instructions for use or how to clean more efficiently with their help

Today millions of different cleaning products and tools can be found on the market. There is a great variety, there are too many commercials trying to convince you to buy a particular one. And indeed it is all about the choices you make – would you buy the cheaper one or that, which is more expensive? Do you need another cleaning tool or a new vacuum-cleaner? Do you need one all-purpose cleaning product or ten specialized ones, and what would be more effective? Questions, too many questions, you ask yourself in the supermarket, facing the shelves full of new things. But in fact what you should do is make an informed choice, which means that you have to make a little research first, you have to be aware of the differences of the things offered, you have to know which one would be the best for your situation and here we come to the main topic today – the mops. They are all popular and wide-spread and nowadays there are too many modifications, but you should know well at least the main ones.

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The traditional mop 

This one is indeed one of the best inventions of all time. You are using it with some water and some detergent (dish one, for instance) and you might clean every type of floor at home except for the wood and the carpeted one. Everything is thus disinfected and perfected. The bacteria is gone, the air fresh, the floor – shining, the efforts made – not too many. If you don’t have one, buy it instantly, you won’t be sorry, I promise.

The microfiber mop

This one is just magical. With it you can remove all the dust and dirt from the floor easily and quickly. It is something like a substitute for the vacuum-cleaner, but the clean-up with this tool might be done in 5 minutes only. So if you want to have perfectly clean home every day, buy one of these and use it regularly. The results would be impressive.

The dry mop

This is the newest trend and maybe the best solution for wood floor. It is used with some wood care detergent: you spray it on the floor and go through the whole surface with the dry mop then. The whole floor is shiny and clean; it looks perfect and will thus remain in a good condition for a long time. So, yeah, it is worth it.

And yet having the right mop is still not enough. You have to know how to use it effectively and skillfully. Here are the main rules you have to know:

  • always vacuum first – instead of the cases you are using the microfiber one. Otherwise the mop would be stuck with dust and the floor still dirty.
  • the balance between water and detergent – the rule is simple: do not overdo. You don’t need much water or much cleaning product, you need the right technique and assiduity.

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