End of tenancy cleaning: the details

You are about to move out soon and you are now sitting with an end of tenancy cleaning checklist in one hand, and the inventory one in the other. You are terrified and panicked by the too many things you have to think about these days and the possible fail of the inspection of the landlord or the letting agency. You start cleaning carefully and uncertainly, checking the requirements on the list at least 100 times and praying that everything is going to be OK in the end. Hopefully. But the most awful scenario is you forgetting some little stupid things, so better take a look at these details:

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The bins

You have been cleaning for ages now, and packing and throwing away all the things that are not worth the whole move out procedure. And logically every bin in your house is now more than full, it spills over. You have tilted them down several times, but you forgot to do it just before the inspection. Oh, what a shame, you will probably not get a tick on the “all bins emptied and cleaned (internally)” section.

The walls

You have no kids and you do not remember leaning on all the walls when you came home drunk once, so you neglect the “walls spot cleaned” requirement. The landlord, however, comes and notices some stupid tedious finger prints on the walls in the hallways. And you lose one more sacred tick. So sad.

Under the furniture

You perfectly cleaned the bedroom – the floor, the carpet, the windows, the dust, all skirting boards and pieces of furniture. But unfortunately you skipped one place: you never looked under your bed. And now there are some coins, a make-up brush, a frame you searched for ages and too much dirt.

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