Top spring cleaning tasks you need to do

Spring end of tenancy cleaning needs to be done every year in order to prepare the home for the fresh upcoming spring and summer seasons. There are certain rules that need to be followed when you spring clean your property in order to achieve great results.

Store your winter clothes

As soon as the weather starts warming up, it is time to pack away your winter clothing and make room for your warm weather clothing. When you store your clothes away, make sure that you use air tight containers or vacuum bags so nothing can get to your clothes and destroy them.

Take care of your appliances

Usually once a year it is advisable to get your appliances checked for any damage that the constant use could have caused to them. If you are unsure of how to do that yourself, call experts to perform professional maintenance in order to prolong the life of your appliances such as air cons, fridges, washing machines and dryers ,dishwashers etc. During the year it is advisable to use the appropriate chemicals that would keep lime scale and dirt away.

Get rid of clutter

The winter seems to be the month we collect the most clutter. We don’t have to be natural hoarders so manage to pile up unnecessary gadgets, clothes, toys and souvenirs. Spring is the time to clear out your house of any such clutter that doesn’t have a place in your home. Make a couple of piles for stuff that can be kept, donated, sold or trashed. This way you will significantly increase the space in your home and will make cleaning a lot easier. The same goes for your garage as well. We all know how a lot of clutter ends up stored in the garage – Christmas decorations, skis, any other sports equipment, etc. Take the time to go through it all and organize a garage sale. This way you will generate some cash for your unwanted items, which you can use to treat your family to a nice meal or to something more depending on the cash generated.


I bet most of you can’t wait for spring so they can get out in the garden and enjoy the sun and drinks with friends and family. However, in order to enjoy your outdoor space to the maximum, you will need to clean your garden furniture. The storage during the winter could have caused the buildup of dust, so it all needs to be aired out. Check out your lawn and do necessary repairs so it can be fresh and green again ready for the warm season. Repair your fence if needed and prune your trees. The outdoor cleaning can be great fun for the whole family. Choose a nice and sunny day to get the true enjoyment out of it.


Last but not least it is time to take care of your windows and clean them thoroughly. Clean your blinds and curtains either in the washing machine or take them to the drycleaners. Don’t forget the window sills and casings. Use vinegar and water to achieve best results and dry with a newspaper.

Following these simple spring cleaning tips will help you have a fresher home in no time ready for the warm seasons.

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