The latest hairstyle trend: half-up topknot

Every little girl loves her hair. Every grown-up girl adores her hair as well. It makes you look more feminine and there is nothing else needed than a healthy, strong and shining hair, wide smile and a beautiful unique outfit. However, nothing in life is that easy and even the things we love sometimes disappoint us, so we can help but bother every time our hair has a period of nasty being and there is no way we can make it look nice. Bad hair day, bad hair week – yeah, they happen far more often then we want, but the big girls know that there always have to be a second plan and the bad hair cannot ruin your look, your mood, your day – just use it to make something beautiful. And there is a trend these days, which we believe is meant to be used right when your hair just doesn’t want to be overpowered – the half-up topknot. What rescued you for years was the messy bun and there is not universe, where we don’t like that original savior. However, for those, who want something new or just cannot imagine their selves with a messy bun, that little new trend is coming on the stage.


It is easy, it doesn’t require a remarkably great amount of time and it looks so damn nice. What we like about it is that it brings a sensation of carelessness and freedom. It has nothing in common with those neat hairstyles and we actually like this fact. So if you haven’t tried it, don’t lose more time!


It is a child’s play, literally. Start with separating your hair into two parts. Then do a half-up topknot leaving hair underneath. It is a wonderful combination of a messy bun and careless hair.

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