Mugs, candles, pumpkins, blankets – prepare your home for a lovely autumn

The nights are longer, the days colder, the leaves are falling, the landscapes are breathtaking, the colour warm, the air cool. The autumn is the season of the balance. Click To Tweet There is nothing unexpected. It is one and the same every year and this kind of certainty is, what are seeking our never relaxed hearts. The winter might be unsnowy, the summer might be rainy and not that hot, but in the autumn the leaves would be falling, we will be back to school, back to normal. All in world is changing and this is the one change most constant. And now, we need to enjoy it. This season deserves our love and gratitude and our home, our shelter, has to become the loveliest one in the whole world. When the days are windy and the nights rainy outside, the moments are shared and so are the emotions inside.

But what you need for that time of the year, you may wonder. You need blankets and cushions at first place.

The sofa and the bed were somehow neglected in the hot and careless summer, but are so favourite now. Make them more autumnal, more festive. Buy a few things that will make your sleep and cuddles nicer. The blankets delight the senses and are so worthy.

The mugs in the morning may make your mood bad, but a cup of coffee, of black tea that brings tastes from all over the world or a hot chocolate, which combines the sweetness with the pure bliss, will wake you up and fill your heart with joy. Buy mugs. A lot of them. Don’t buy sets, don’t be boring. Buy different ones that will fit your mood or your personality. Be curious, bring a sense of adventure in your life.

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