End of tenancy cleaning: the bathtub

A hot, relaxing, aromatic bath at the end of the day is no doubt one of the greatest joys in life. And every time we come home, nervous and stressed, we do not want to talk or to eat, to read a book or to watch TV, because we are so tense, the bathtub turns out to be our refuge. It’s so magical, this whole way it makes us feel – you somehow forget your problems and the boring everydayness, you imagine that you are in a nice SPA place, you are completely at ease and completely happy as well. However, the rent agreement is yet coming to an end and you have to perform the end of tenancy cleaning by yourself, and the bathtub is on the top of the lovely checklist the landlord or the letting agency representative arrives with. So follow the steps and take care of it, just like it helped you all these years.  

Remove the hair

Well, admit it, it’s all over the bathroom and the bathtub makes no exception. So start by getting rid of all big things like the hair and the other dirt.

Use detergent

When you are in the bath, you usually use some bath bombs, bubbles, gels, shampoos and so on and they make you feel like in the paradise, but also make your bathtub not in the perfect condition. So use a bathtub detergent and lay it on the whole area. Then wait for some minutes and remove it with some warm water. After that you can use a smaller rug and go through all the corners so that you can get rid even of the grime that is there.


Well, if you strive for greatness, you better use a microfiber cloth and make everything sparkle at the end.

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