End of tenancy cleaning: the ceramic hobs

If there’s something even more annoying and tiring than cleaning the oven after tenancy that is undoubtedly cleaning the ceramic hobs. You have heard so many times that if you clean them frequently, you will save yourself so many efforts, but, for God sake, you come back from work, exhausted and nervous, and you start preparing dinner, cooking a few meals, than arranging the table and washing the dishes. After this whole procedure, when you are dreaming of the coziness of the sofa, of the interesting new episode of the series you watch, of a cuddle with your beloved one, or some time with your kids, or when you are simply dreaming of your bed and a rest, you have to clean the ceramic hobs. That is insane. Though you know you should, you do not do it on a daily basis, and in the future perhaps you will continue not doing it. But now you have no choice. The rent agreement is coming to an end and the inspection of the landlord or the letting agency’s representative is too close and if you want your money back, you have to clean this hell, and you can hire the best to perform it for you right here.

Remove food

When we cook, we are sometimes too passionate and other times too absent-minded, but the result is often some food on the hobs instead in the pan. So, now if you want to clean them, get rid of the food first, because only in this way you will be able to proceed.

Apply detergent

There are many, maybe even too many, detergents for ceramic hobs. Most of them are in fact equally efficient, so buy one, without wondering and trying to understand which of them is the best. They all are simply good. You can, however, make your own cleaning product with white vinegar or baking soda which are said to remove the grease. Then apply the detergent on the hobs especially where there are stains and spots.


Most of the cleaning products even these you prepare at home, need some time so that they can actually make all the cleaning easier. So take advantage and make yourself a cup of coffee now or an avocado bagel. Or simply sit on the sofa and be at ease. You don’t have to stay by the hobs all the time. After half an hour the food will be soften and the detergent won’t be dried up. And this is the right moment when you have to proceed.


If your ceramic hobs are disastrous, you will most probably need some special help. And here comes the glass scraper – this magical cleaning tool removes all the food left, the grease, the dirt and in the same time it doesn’t damage the ceramic surface. You can then use a wet clout and get rid of the detergent really carefully, because you will prepare food there soon and if you strive for perfection, you can end up with a microfiber cloth.

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