How to get the discoloration out of carpet from your pets pee?

Okay, so I have been investigating on ways to do this and talk to a company near by SYK End of tenancy cleaning, as I will mention it below,  and have actually attempted lots of varying techniques but until now yet absolutely nothing has passed muster.

The cat pee was dried out, and I do not know how old it has actually been there, it was before I moved in that’s for certain, however I’ve acquired the scent out and my difficulty is the yellow color that I can’t seem to get to vanish. The paradox is that the area of the carpet with this color really smells much better than the remainder of my carpeting but merely looks terrible.

Actions I have actually taken:

  • I have a Vax heat carpet cleaner that I blasted on it
  • Woolite
  • OxyDeep carpeting cleaner option
  • Fix “Pet dog Stains” carpet cleaner mix
  • White vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide
  • Color safe bleach

Okay now the spot looks lighter, but it is still noticeable, I just wonder exactly what was up with this cat that went to commode on the carpet, was its urine radioactive?

I talked to SYK End of tenancy cleaning for some insight as they are local to me, they stated that the carpeting also looked liked it had actually been bleached likewise. I was uncertain whether he meant by all my psychotic cleansing attempting to get rid of the discolor or whether it was blonde before the cat began to have a pee. He encouraged for me to try the following:

  • White vinegar
  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • Hydrogen peroxide

They also have some other great tips for various problems, so check them out.

He encouraged to use the remedy by using a quarter of a cup of vinegar with a quarter of the vinegar with a quarter of the cup of baking soda and the exact same once again of the hydrogen peroxide. Then to rinse and repeat as essential till the soiling has actually gone.

So two weeks later on and the yellow tarnish has been removed I can be sufficient to state. Nevertheless the whitening is still apparent, so I could grin as well as bear it in the meantime yet I will certainly change my carpets in the near future. I talked to a carpet merchant which has experience with removing spots from carpets that claimed that this is a large concern for individuals so you can now get carpet which is absolutely hard-wearing where you could literally chuck a tons of bleach to eliminate any kind of discolorations as well as it does not damage the carpeting in anyhow. So I assume I will treat myself to some bleach resistant carpet, who requires carpet cleaners and carpet shampoo after that hey?

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