The All-Natural Cleaner we are desperately in love with

We like being able to choose. The shelves are full with products and the variety is great, so we go in the supermarket and stay there for too long, trying to find the best one. But are they good after all? Are they worth it? Aren’t they full of chemicals? Aren’t they bad for our health? What is more important our well-being or the well-being of our homes? So with so many doubts we end up going home either with too many detergents or with none. But the truth is that there is another simple solution – easy and effective – the all-natural cleaner, which we could make at home and which does miracles. Tested. Guaranteed.  

But you are now most probably wondering, why you should use an all-natural cleaner. Well, first things first – it is better for your helath, for the condition of your furniture, for the air at your home. Then, it is a lot easier to prepare. Well, you don’t need to drive to the supermarket, when you need it and you have it in a couple of minutes only. Even when you are abroad or on a holiday and you need an efficient solution, you can rely on this one.

Now how to prepare it? You need white vinegar, an essential oil and an empty spray bottle. Why white vinegar? It is the ultimate cleaner, able to cope with almost every cleaning problem, strong, efficient, on a reasonable price, accessible. Why essential oil? Because it is antibacterial and it smells super nice, which means that even if the odour of the white vinegar is too bad for you, this second one will be your saviour and will make the whole situation better. Make it, try it and you will see, you will realize.

Hi, my name is Stella, I like reading books, travelling, visiting museums and getting lost, I like poetry and art in all their forms. I adore my home and I believe that it is a reflection of mine, of my ideas and emotions. In my free time I enjoy hiking, simply walking in the park or jogging in the mornings. I like the nature in its purest form and I love discovering it. I started writing in this blog because I wanted a diary – somewhere I can write everything I am keen on and I can talk about the things I want to keep in mind, and I believe that we all have a lot in common. Be humane! Have a nice time reading.