The simple bathroom cleaning in 4 steps

How gross is this room indeed? It stores grime and dirt and too many bacteria, it needs a regular clean-up and some special care, but the whole tidying is so annoying and unpleasant, that every time you think of it, you are either having a panic attack or going absolutely mad. But, hell, just do it! It is a simple clean-up, for God sake, you can cope with it. No matter if you will complete it in a week, planning a task for every day or you will find strengths and perform it in a single day, you just have to. Because how would you feel if you invite guests and they visit your awful bathroom with tiles with hard water stains on them and cobwebs in the corners or how would you feel if you fail your inspection after the end of tenancy cleaning because of this room only?

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It’s insane. Do not procrastinate. As simple as that.

The shower

Start with the shower curtains and put them in the washing machine together with some old towels so that they can act like scrubbers and remove the soap scum. If you have shower doors, however, make a paste from baking soda and only a little bit of water. Put it on and leave it this way for an hour. Wash it thereafter and go through the doors with a simple rag first and with a microfiber cloth thereafter for perfect results. Clean the shower with a wet clout and detergent and wash it with warm water. Here you can use as much of it as you need, so take advantage. And in the future, perform an easy-peasy and quick clean-up every time you take a shower.

The toilet 

Here you should remove all the bacteria and disinfect really well. The most common cleaning products are the baking soda and the bleach, used separately one after another and in fact only with these two you can achieve magical results. This simple clean-up should be done really often, at least once a week, because otherwise the grime could be removed far more difficulty.

The sink

While you are performing the clean-up you may use warm water only, or you can mix it with some white vinegar. For everyday care, however, the disinfecting wet wipes are completely enough and will do miracles, so give them a try and you will be impressed.

The tiles and the walls

The rule is explicit: every time after you take a shower, you go through the tiles on the floor and the walls, because what is left from the shampoo, the shower gel, the soap or other cosmetic product would otherwise dry up and then would be almost impossible to be taken care of. If, however, you haven’t done this and have to cope with the awful stains, find some really strong detergent and apply it carefully using rubber gloves. Leave it like this for at least half an hour and then start scrubbing and polishing. The efforts are worth it, I promise.

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