Cleaning solutions that will save you money

Too often before even starting the spring cleaning or the end of tenancy one, we end up in front of the numerous shelves full of many different detergents and cleaning products and cleaning tools in the supermarkets. And we buy some, of course, because we want to believe that in this way we will be more motivated to clean. In fact the result is less money in our pockets and, well, the same efficiency. And there are some other simple solutions that will save you money. So try them and start spending your salary on shopping or on plane tickets, on road trips, on everything, but cleaning.

Use less detergent

Well, in fact, most of the surfaces can be cleaned with no cleaning product at all. But, OK, use some, but not too much. No matter how much cleaning product you spray on the windows, for instance, they cannot shine unless you clean them properly even in every corner. So try cleaning better, making more efforts and using less detergent.

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Clean regularly

There is nothing more difficult to be cleaned than an old stain. And when you spill something on the carpet, or cook in the oven or on the hobs, and you do not clean any of them thereafter, when it’s time for an end of tenancy cleaning, for example, you will have to spend so much money and energy, that you now cannot even imagine.

Clean the air filters

And here comes the problem about the electricity bill. In fact, absolutely every appliance at your home works better and is more efficient, when it’s absolutely clean. And when it’s about the air conditioning, clean the air filters regularly and you will be impressed how much faster your home is heated or cooled.

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